Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas idea No 2

I found these cute printable gift tags this morning over at [One Velvet Morning]

There are lots of other printables for Christmas as well as Project Life ... have fun exploring this site :-)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas decorating #1

Christmas Village DIY with Vellum

Ok I told Amanda a number of years ago that vellum would make a come back ... she was skeptical ;-)

It became a running joke between us and whenever I saw just a hint of vellum I made sure I pointed it out to her ;-)

However it does indeed seemed to have done the unbelieveable and is in quite a number of the popular scrapbooking ranges :-)

I saw this project over at the Cosmo Cricket blog and loved it so head over to see more and find the details at Cosmo Cricket :-)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Iron on transfer step by step instructions.

1.    Cut around design leaving a small, even white border.

2.    set up iron and ironing board. Iron should be on hot setting. No steam. Ironing board should have a hard surface on top. I use a wooden chopping board covered with a towel.

3.    Iron creases out of apron so there is a flat surface to adhere the design to.

4.    Tear a very small rip in the side of the transfer. Don’t worry the front design will not tear – only the backing paper. Remove the backing paper.

5.    Position on front of apron ensuring it is evenly placed and appears exactly as you would like it to. Cover with baking paper and iron in even pressure over the design. Do not hold iron in one spot – keep it moving. After about 30 seconds you should see that the design has now stuck to the apron.

6.    Carefully remove baking paper. If an area appears as if it is not stuck to the apron repeat step 5.

Thanks Gina – they look awesome!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

2014 registration day...

Hello one and all,

You may have heard that we are full swing into preparing for our e2c 2014 retreat. Our new logo is above and we have had some fantastic, positive feedback. Thank you to those fabulously supportive comments. Next year will be all about black and white stripes and soft minty green! 

As usual escape2create retreat will take place at North Shields, South Australia on March 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. Yes we have an extra day due to the Monday being a public holiday!

The cost of the retreat is $280 and includes all meals, accommodation, goodie bags and a massive prize table raffle. There will be a variety of scrap shops open and we will offer classes from 4 amazingly inspiring and well known Australian scrappers. These ladies will be revealed soon. Classes and kits will be at an extra cost.

Registrations to attend will take place very soon! Please mark SUNDAY 3RD NOVEMBER in your diaries. Email registrations - no texts or phone calls - will be accepted on this date from 2pm. The email address to contact is john.treloar@bigpond.com 

Please include your name and contact details (including email, mobile and postal address)  in your email. You may submit 1 proxy registration if needed for someone else who cannot register that day themselves. Please ensure your proxy registration is aware that you will be submitting their name and that they are not able to register for themselves. 

For those unfamiliar with e2c registrations :

  • we have 80 available seats (due to venue restrictions on space)
  • no seats (apart from teachers, shops and ourselves) are reserved. 
  • it is strictly a 'first in, first served' basis. This is dependant on the time your email is received at above email address. No attendee is 'handpicked' over another. We pride ourselves on a very fair system.
  • those 80 seats are taken up quickly. Waiting 5 minutes may mean you miss out!!
  • We normally have a long waiting list of those who did not register in time. Last year we were able to work through our waiting list due to last minute cancellations. The message is : if you don't get in originally - don't despair!
  • After our registration list is complete you will receive a reply email stating : yes - your registration was successful  OR  no - sorry you missed out on registration but are on the waiting list.
  • Full payment must be made by December 1st 2013 (details will be given in the successful registration email)
  • There is a strict no refund policy after 30th January 2014.

We have our fingers crossed for everyone and hope to hear from you on November the 3rd.

Meredith and Amanda
e2c retreats.

Friday, November 1, 2013

our fourth and final e2c 2014 teacher is….

Celeste Vermeend!

Check out Celeste's blog to see her beautiful style.

Welcome to the e2c team Celeste!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

our third 2014 teacher is….

Kim Archer!!

Visit her blog and see how creative this lady is… it will blow your mind.

Welcome to our e2c 2014 team Kim.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

our first 2014 teacher is...

Natalie's awesome blog shows off her beautiful, inspiring work. Welcome to the e2c team Natalie :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Easy title idea ...

Summer Sun

Layout by Jill Sprott

Head over to the October Afternoon blog to see how the title of this layout "summer sun" was done ... easy but clever :-)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

save the date - e2c 2014

How e2c works:

We have 2 retreats a year. 

One is a big one with bells and whistles, decorations, goodie bags, guest teachers, 4 local scrap stores, prizes and many interstate attendees. There is enough room to host 80 scrapbookers.  This is held in the Lions Hostel in North Shields, Port Lincoln. It is a well known, well loved retreat and has become very popular.  The e2c main retreat is normally held in the months of March or April.

There is a strict registration process to ensure that it is as fair as possible. We advertise the date that registrations will be open here on this blog, on our Facebook site and also via email if we have your contact details. This registration date will be given well in advance so as to organise a proxy (only one per person) if needed. Registrations are email only to Meredith Treloar (address in sidebar--> ). No registration is taken via phone or text. No positions are held.

In 2014 the retreat will be held on a long weekend as above…

The mini retreat or 'scrapathon' is much smaller, without all the jazz and flashiness of the big retreat. There are less spots and in the past it has been less popular. We hold the mini retreat at a small local beach Trinity Haven where there is dorm style accommodation. The shops attend, but there are no decorations, no goodie bags and a lot less stress for the organisers ;-)

Registration to secure a seat at this retreat is not as chaotic and typically we don't have any interstate attendees attend. 

The scrapathon is usually held in a weekend during the months of September or October and the date will be announced soon along with the registration process.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if you have them. Both Meredith and i are very easy going and approachable   :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Scrapbooking on the go ...

So do you ever scrapbook while on your actual holiday?

We are planning a trip to Sydney in the next school holidays and I thought that I might give it a go.

I am thinking about getting an Instax camera ... does anyone have one?

The 2 parts of this video clip that made me laugh ...

1. "staying hydrated" while scrapbooking

2. asking Kelly if she ever scraps while consuming alcohol!! Reminds me of retreats and looking at your work the next day and needing to straighten up some things ;-)

So let us know ... what would you pack in your travel kit to document on the go?

I'm thinking ... adhesive, journaling pen, washi, a set of travel themed stamps, date stamp and black ink pad like Kelly ... and maybe some enamel dots, envelopes (vellum would be cute)  to hold tickets etc, some stickers maybe in a travel theme, some shipping tags and some more adhesive.

And just the right journal to use ... I liked the look of Kelly's blank book :-)

Maybe these stamps ...
*Kelly Purkey Clear Stamps LET'S GO 2013

And this little collection looks great too ...
Mini Books, Big Style with Celine Navarro

Source: Two Peas Newsletter

Forgot my tiny attacher ... I'd pack that too :-)

Friday, July 12, 2013

stationary shop love

A few years ago i bought three Kikki K sticker books from the Adelaide City store. I am sure they were not specifically aimed at  scrapbookers but all the same i bought them.

 Afterwards i gave myself a mental beat up thinking 'what a ridiculous purchase - when the hell would i use them??"

and have I used them? Hell yes…

round stickers

day circle sticker



heart on camera


round number sticker




Around the same time i bought a pack of manila folders from Typo. They had a delicious worn graph on one side.

They seemed a bit pricey at the time and again some self kicking and mental berating followed…..

however these have been my most loved scrap item that is NOT a scrap item.

(just a few quick snaps of a small amount of layouts that have been produced using these yummy typo folders.)

In fact as i looked at my stash tonight i realised i was down to my last sheet of these folders which is giving me a slightly panicky and sick feeling in my tummy.  They were discontinued about 2 years ago so there is no hope of a restock :(

However i did spy some cool red and white spotty folders in Kmart the other day…..

Stationary shops / aisles in supermarkets are so fascinating aren't they?

Have you ever bought anything non scrapbooky and found it is a firm favourite when creating?